Cricket flashback: Journey of Indian Cricket Team Jersey From 1985-2020

Cricket flashback: Journey of Indian Cricket Team Jersey From 1985-2020

Indian Cricket team jersey since 1885

As we know that Indians and there love for cricket is known for everyone ,now much time has passed and we have seen many changes in the jersey of playing 11 of “Men in Blue” team,

Here we will go through the changes in Indian national cricket team jersey since 1985-2020. The Indian team first wore colored jerseys in 1985 at the Benson & Hedges World Championship in Australia which they won.


The color of the jersey was light blue with yellow strips in the middle and around the collars and chest. The team did not have any sponsors because sponsorship was not in demand that time like it is now.

The color of the jersey was light blue with yellow strips in the middle and around the collars and chest


The jersey wore by the “Men in Blue” in the 1990 also did not have any sponsors as well. The design from 1985 changed to three big yellow stripes running over the chest while the shade of blue became slightly darker than previous light blue.

The design from 1985 changed to three big yellow stripes running over the chest while the shade of blue became slightly darker than previous light blue


Benson & Hedges World Cup 1992

A broad strips on shoulders were designed , many cricket fans consider this world cup known for best jerseys ever made for their teams because the jersey were simple without any sponsors and the design were same for every team except the color of the jersey. Indian team uniform had navy blue color.

Young Sachin Tendulkar On Field with Indian Players Celebrating Australian fall of Wicket

Unfortunately Indian team couldn’t qualify for the semis in this event but this jersey was very popular you can see this jersey being wore by Indian fans at international events

India’s tour of South Africa — 1992

Indian cricket team toured to South Africa for first time in end of 1992. India played a series of 4 test matches and 7 one-day match series with South Africa.

Navy blue uniform was there with strips of sky blue and yellow in pulse rate pattern style was the design pattern in this series . It was similar for South African team too with only difference being of different color probably green .

V. Raju and Azharuddin in following jersey in that series .
kapil dev in action in that match series

Hero Cup — 1993

During 1993 , HERO CUP was played in India with 5 teams participated in it. The design pattern of each playing team uniform were similar but in this series India returning their uniform color navy blue to Sky Blue. Vertical strip was the pattern on the right side of the shoulder used and it is also considered one of attractive jersey with memorable moments for many cricket fans of that time.

Indian team celebrating its victory of hero cup over West Indies

Indian team won the HERO CUP and it was one of the top cricket achievement which fans still celebrate and cherish. Although two notable performance here are still remembered of Sachin and Anil Kumble.

Wills World Series 1994

Same design pattern for all three teams playing the wills cup — India, West Indies and New Zealand this jersey marked the yellow front-line theme covering chest and all front portion till the waist for team India which remained in continuity taken in use till for many more series since 1999 World Cup.

Ajay jadeja and Sachin during a match
Glimpse of that series and emotions of players

Singer World Series 1994

This was one of the most awaited Series between top notch teams of world cricket of that time. India eventually winning the rain affected final match after clashing with Australia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

In this series also all teams had similar design pattern for their jersey again with India continued with blue and yellow theme with their jersey.

Sachin and warne rivalry begins at that time

India tour of New Zealand 1994

India continued with yellow front theme covering almost all the front portion of the body till the waist and in uniform but returned with dark navy blue again as earlier for their pants and half jersey portion. Strips at other side of jersey made it one of the coolest jersey of Indian cricket team of that time.

Sachin with other opening partner going to open the match

Bank of New Zealand Centenary Series 1994–95

Playing jersey design creation was one of best for all teams in this tournament. India again continued with dark navy blue theme and the right shoulder portion was covered with Ashok Chakra derived from Indian Tricolor and had its color saffron , green and white ,covered on jersey shoulder to shoulder.

Anil kumble in action in against South Africa in 1995
Sachin Tendulkar and Manoj Prabhakar during their opening partnership against Aussies

Wills World Cup 1996

Every Indian cricket fans remember it for the semi-final scare their team got against Sri Lanka in which Sri Lanka defeat Indian team. All teams had similar design pattern here and Indian team returned to their skyblue from navy blue and yellow theme uniform was still there.

There were Arrows in one direction was designed on front and back side of jersey for every team there was only color difference.

Indian Team celebrating fall of wicket
Ajay jadeja excellent batting help India to win against its arc-rival Pakistan in Quarter Final

Titan Cup 1996

One of the best tournaments which cricket fans always remember for heroics from Kumble, Srinath winning partnership against Australia in this cup. Same design pattern on uniform was used and it was thin sky blue bars on front side . Indian team continued with sky blue and yellow color theme here again.

Sachin with titan cup in 1996

Standard bank Tri Series 1997

Played in South Africa and uniforms of all three teams South Africa, India, Zimbabwe had same design pattern which was of color sparkles, having callers and the countries flag references.

For Indian Team sparkles of Ashok chakra was on the left side of body

Independence Cup 1997

This was a tournament organized on occasion of India celebrating Its 50 years of their Independence from colonial rule.

Teams participated — India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan

This tournament is known for Saaed Anwar scoring highest individual score by single batsman in an inning. His 194 against India helped Pakistan win match against their arch rivals.

1997 Challenge Cup

Indian cricket team toured Pakistan in 1997 for 3 match one day series.

Design pattern for both team were same and on shoulder bar style returned after 1992 World Cup for this tournament.

Saurav Ganguly during an innings against Pakistan in Challenge Cup 1997
Indian Cricketer Rajesh Chauhan during the match a moment

Akai-Singer Champion Trophy 1997

This tournament was played in Sharjah and four teams participated in the tournament. India, England, West Indies and Pakistan. India bowed out of tournament losing all three matches. England remained unbeaten while winning the tournament after defeating West Indies in final.

Sourav Ganguly & Navjot Singh Sidhu in action against Pakistan in a match

Tricolor strips were round pattern were designed for Indian jersey and all other team had this same design pattern.

Silver Jubilee Independence Cup 1997–98

This tournament was organized in Dhaka on celebration of 25 years of Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan . India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were teams in this tournament. Uniform patters were same for all three teams with diagonal three strips in front portion of jersey. Chakra derived from tricolor flag returned in the jersey for Indian team.

(From left to right) Sachin Tendulkar, Hrishikesh Kanitkar & Robin Singh during a match
Sourav Ganguly in action in a match winning inning in 3rd final match against Pakistan

India dominated in this tournament and won the 3rd final against Pakistan in a nail bitting chase. Sourav Ganguly and Robin Singh critical partnership with Hrishikesh Kanitkar helding nerves to score boundary with 1 ball remaining in that match.

This was highest running chase by any team beating Sri Lanka’s record against Zimbabwe in 1992 World Cup.

Coca Cola Cup 1998

Jersey of Indian team were like as in 1997 Singer Akai Cup but pants were of navy blue color. It was a mix of light and dark color combination.

Sachin in action against Australia
Sachin hitting six to bowler

Coca Cola Triangular Series

This series was played among India, Kenya and Bangladesh. India at last winning the series but were upset by Kenya in round robin match.

Indian team mates wore dark blue jersey having vertical and horizontal strips over it and light blue pants which had same pattern for other teams too.

Sachin Tendulkar in action against Kenya during a series

Wills International Cup 1998

It was the first tournament apart from Worlcup when all test playing nations played in one tournament together.

South Africa winning this tournament. Each team had a different dress pattern for first time.

Sachin Tendulkar rampant form continued against Australia and his century helped India defeat Aus in knockout stage before losing to West Indies in semi-final.

India chose tricolor design blocks with sparkles on front of jersey.

Sachin Tendulkar hitting six against Australia

Coca Cola Champions Trophy Sharjah 1998

India went to play another tri series in Sharjah against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. Indian team then wore light blue jersey with emblem of BCCI on the front.

World Cup — 1999 

In world cup 1999 held in England, Indian cricket team continued with their sky blue jersey with broad emblem spreading through chest to waist of BCCI in yellow color.

Sourav Ganguly & Rahul Dravid during their record partnership against Sri Lanka

LG Cup 1999

Indian cricket team wore the sky blue jersey with navy blue borders and BBCI emblem on front. India, Kenya and South Africa participated in this tournament held at Nairobi. South Africa won this tournament by comfortably defeating India in final.

Carlton & United Series — 2000

India toured to Australia in last months of 1999 for 3 test matches and tri nation Carlton & United Series. Australia and Pakistan being the two other teams. It was a disappointing tour for India at that time. ODI jersey was quite stylish and continued with yellow and blue theme and emblem.

Sachin Tendulkar in Carlton & United Series 2000

India South Africa One Day Series — 2000

India won the series 3–2 and it was first time when Sourav Ganguly captained India and marked the start of great era for Indian Cricket. BCCI logo emblem design logo pattern was highlighted on the Indian jersey in Sky blue uniform.

ICC Knockout Trophy 2000

BCCI emblem was the pattern again but it was used in form of new design of tusk on front of jersey.

India had a good run before losing final from win situation against New Zealand. Chris Cairns won the man of the match who stopped India to win the final.

India continued with this jersey till Australia tour of India in 2001

Indian Team celebrating a wicket against Australia in knockout stage.

India tour of South Africa 2001

India played tri nation series with South Africa & Kenya on their tour to South Africa. South Africa won the series defeating India in final in a comfortable manner.

First time Sahara sponsored jersey came into action, and yellow vertical strips were used in yellow color with main design color being sky blue.

Sachin Tendulkar & Sourav Ganguly against South Africa in 2001

Indian Tricolor Jersey 2002–2006

Tricolor splash on front side of the jersey was first viewed here. India continued with this jersey for 4 years until word cup 2007.

NatWest Series 2002

The win that cemented India’s dominance in limited overs cricket.

India team after winning NatWest Series in 2002

2003 World Cup South Africa

India continued with the triclolor splash on their jersey but it was well balanced with minimal strips of navy blue color on the pockets and arms.

India had an excellent run throughout tournament with their only hard losses coming against mighty Australia in league match and final of World Cup.

World Cup 2007 West Indies

Indian Team Jersey for 2007 World Cup

2009 -2010 Jersey

Yuvraj and Zaheer celebrating wicket.
Sachin Tendulkar celebration moment on becoming first batsman to score Double Hundred in ODI.

Tricolour swirls at side of jersey with saffron straps (from tricolour reference) on neck and back portion was used in jersey. It was the dark version of 2007 world cup jersey.

World Cup 2011 — India/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka

The navy blue jersey continued but saffron fonts were used for numbers and name of player on jersey. Tricolor swirls were on side of jersey.

Winning Moment 2011 World Cup Final

ODI Series Jersey 2013/14

This jersey didn’t had much difference from 2011 except the tricolor marks were moved to shoulder area of jersey.

World Cup 2015 — Australia/New Zealand

Team India after winning match against Pakistan in 2015 World Cup

Design pattern here was the grills of sky blue and navy blue. Saffron color was continued for the team name and name of players on jersey.

World Cup 2019 — England

In 2019 , jersey was the away jersey of India. The home jersey remains a simple one with no big change from Nike.

Design pattern is quite similar to a suit with Saffron color reference in major on back portion of jersey coming from Indian Flag.

Home jersey of Indian cricket team
Away jersey of Indian cricket team firstly displayed at England in 2019

Indian Cricket Team jersey in 2020

So , which is your favorite jersey?

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