Global media reaction over Indo-China clashes

Chinese and Indian soldiers arguing among each other

The situation at the Actual line of control (LAC) is turning into the critical situation as soon as the PLA troops intentionally attacked on the Indian army soldiers of 16th bihar regiment it is comes into notice that in the night of 15 of this month there was a skirmish among the peoples liberation army and Indian army, using stones and forked rods and sticks, In this clash at least 20 Indian including an colonel was martyred, In counter response it is being told that at least 43 PLA personnel also get injured or killed. This could be a fire alarm for these two most populous nations of the world having nuclear capability,and can threatened the safety and security of world.

Lets see the world media coverage of this major classes of two neighboring countries.

Lets firstly talk about the mouth-piece of the communist party of the CPC(communist party of the china) .

India should be cautious about West instigation

“I believe the core reason of deadly physical clash between Chinese and Indian border troops is the self-aggrandizing going on among the Indian elite. #India needs to come to their senses. India shouldn’t misjudge #China again: Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin #HuSays

Indian citizen promoting boycott of Chinese goods in Indian markets

“Calls for boycott of Chinese products amid Sino-India border tension may be trending on social media but these are yet to impact sales of smartphone and consumer durable products”

British newspaper the guardians also focuses on this issue.

“Indians call for boycott of Chinese goods after fatal border clashes”

Washington post also written about the current standoff between these two neighbors

“Monday’s clash marks a turning point. The relationship between India and China — both rising in the world, albeit at different speeds — has been fraught but not violent in recent decades. Now more volatile times ahead. ” @gerryshih@NihaMasih@ShamsIrfan27

The BBC has also extensively highlighted this burning issue

“India-China clash: Two sides blames each other for deadly fighting”

CNN-News also given a comparison between these two giants of the Asia

#IndiaChinaFaceOff – Why is China picking fights? Chinese aggression is not limited to incursions in India. The recent weeks has seen it pick fights with many other countries.