Importance of Shirdi Temple,Shridi,Sai Baba.


Place of residence :The sacred Shirdi Dham, considered to be the abode of Sai Baba, is located at a place called Shirdi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.There is a grand temple of Sai Baba in Shirdi, on which a layer of gold is mounted.
Devotees offer desired fruit by offering rose flower and garland etc. to Sai Baba.

History : It is believed that several years ago a procession once came in a village called Shirdi, with the same procession, Sai Baba came to Shirdi as a child and then stopped there. Sai Baba always remembered the name of God and lived his life by asking for alms. Staying in Shirdi village, Sai Baba protected the deen and the miseries and also performed many miracles for the good of the people. Due to which people started believing Sai Baba as God.

Importance of Shridi Temple

It is believed that once a person goes to Shirdi Dham, then Sai Nath is blessed with such blessings that Sai Nath takes all his sufferings and troubles on him and saves him from it.
Due to this love of Sai Baba towards his devotees, thousands of devotees visit Sai Nath daily from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm in Shirdi temple and receive the desired fruit.

Importance of Kakad Aarti : Kakad Aarti has special significance in Shirdi Dham. Which starts at 4:00 AM daily. To hear this aarti, around 300 to 400 devotees enter the temple at 4:00 am.

Importance of Dwarka Mai : It is believed that when Sai Nath stepped into Shirdi, he made his abode in a mosque and named the mosque as Dwarka Masjid.
After visiting Shirdi temple, your desire is not complete without visiting Dwarka Mai. This place further enhances the importance of Shirdi temple.

Importance of Shirdi Neem tree : shridi-neem-tree It is believed that Sai Baba sat under this neem tree to remembered the name of God. The bitterness of the Neem tree was transformed into sweetness by Sai Baba’s powers and his holiness. And even today the leaves of this neem tree have sweet taste. The importance of Shirdi temple is also that if a person gets the leaves of this neem tree, then his desire is definitely fulfilled

Rules of worship

It is very easy to worship Sai Baba. Chant “Om Sai Ram” Mantra by laying asanas at any clean place and burn incense lamps as per the requirement. If you want to keep the fast, then after taking a morning bath on Thursday, recite Sai Chalisa and distribute the Prasad among all the members of the house. And in the evening eat a grain like milk roti or pudding etc. . And also tell your family and relatives about the importance of Sai temple.

The facilities

The importance of Shirdi temple is also that the facilities and lodging of all the devotees here is absolutely free from the Sai Baba Trust. There are two big ashrams to live in which there is a complete arrangement of stay of 600 to 700 people at a time. And a restaurant has been built at each ashram for food. Apart from this, there is also a big restaurant where about 200 people can eat together at a time. All these facilities add further importance to the Sai temple.

Traffic facilities

Seeing the increasing importance of Shirdi temple, the government has made available the railway station airport at Shirdi and 24-hour auto and government and private buses.

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