India’s next million Covid-19 cases could come in coming weeks

India’s next million Covid-19 cases could come in coming weeks, warns Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday once more warned India could report million cases of the coronavirus disorder (Covid-19) with the aid of the second week of August, an afternoon after the country India’s next million Covid-19 cases could come in coming weeks.

India has now become simplest the third country. in the world after the US and Brazil with more than a million cases of the coronavirus disorder.

The country crossed the million-mark in 137 days and half of of these were in a tough national lockdown announced inside the early days of the pandemic.

“10,00,000 figures exceeded. If #COVID19 spreads at the same speed, more than 20,00,000 can be infected within the usa by August 10,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

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“The government ought to take concrete, planned steps to forestall the epidemic,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi also attached his tweet from July 14 in which he had talked about the united states of america’s infection tally crossing the million-mark in the course of that week.

“This week the parent will move 10,00,000 in our u . S .,” he had tweeted in Hindi.

Gandhi had additionally tagged a news report quoting the World Health Organization (WHO) leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who had stated that if concrete steps have been now not taken, the coronavirus pandemic would turn from terrible to worse and that “there might be no return to the old regular for the foreseeable future.”

The WHO director general said that while several international locations have now brought their formerly explosive outbreaks beneath control, namely the ones in Europe and Asia, “too many countries are headed in the wrong direction.”

Ghebreyesus, without naming particular politicians, also chastised political leaders for their “blended messages” amid the coronavirus outbreaks, announcing that they are “undermining the most crucial aspect of any response: trust.”

The Congress chief has been criticising the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Gandhi had on Monday questioned the Centre’s claims on struggling with Covid-19, asking if India became at a “suitable position” in the conflict against the virus.

The country’s tally reached 1,004,652 with 36,247 new Covid-19 instances and 690 new fatalities placing the sickness death toll inside the four-and-a-1/2 months of the outbreak at 25,594, consistent with an HT tally.

India had 343,268 active cases and the case fatality rate (CFR) or the proportion of people who succumbed to the infection from among recognised infections or become 2.5%.

The US, which has 3,648,250 instances and 140,518 deaths, has a fatality fee of 3.9%; and Brazil, with 1,978,236 instances and 75,697 infections, is at 3.8%.

Experts have also said the subsequent million cases in India could take less than a month and that the focus now desires to shift to India’s rural areas.