Sawan mahina,Importance of sawan month,Sawan 2020


Start sawan month 6 July:

Sawan mahina, the most beloved month of Lord Shiva, is starting from 6th of July this time, the special thing is that this time it starts from 6th July (Monday) and ends on 19th August (Monday). In this holy month of Sawan, people worship Lord Shiva and get the desired fruit. In this month, devotees delight Lord Shiva by offering water to all the shrines of Lord Shiva.

Importance of sawan month in kashee:

Every year about 10 to 20 thousand devotees visit Baba Vishwanath in the month of Sawan in Kashi, the famous city of Lord Shiva.

Importance of sawan month in history:

It is believed that in this month Lord Vishnu handed over the operation of the universe to Lord Shiva and went to rest in the Chheer Sagar.
For this reason, this month is considered to be the month of Lord Shiva.

Other reason:

It is believed that when Shiva took incarnation on earth,then on this month he went to his in-laws place where he had a grand reception.
And in this same month, when the poison came out during the churning of the ocean, at the insistence of all the gods, Lord Shiva kept the poison in his throat for the welfare of the universe. All the gods paid water to Lord Shiva so that Lord Shiva, could bear the pains of this poison. Therefore Lord Shiva is very happy on the person who offer the water on this month. It is increase the importance of Sawan mahina also.

How to worship Shiva in the Sawan:

Every day of the month of Sawan is of Lord Shiva but the Monday day of this month has some special significance. On Monday, women observe Lord Shiva’s fast for the welfare of themselves and their families. On Monday, take a clean bath, wear clean clothes, offer white flowers, belpatra, milk and water etc. to Lord Shiva and chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and also recite Shiva Chalisa.