We are not alone, at least 300 million planets in our milky way can have life

We are not alone, at least 300 million planets in our milky way can have life


  • The figure of 300 million planets in our milky way according to NASA, there could be more. The study was a collaboration between scientists at NASA who have worked on the Kepler mission as well as researchers from numerous international agencies.
  • In order to get this rough estimate, NASA looked for stars like our Sun in terms of age and temperature and then looked for exoplanets similar to Earth’s size (eliminating rocky planets).
  • The analysis of temperature and energy on a planet due to a star wasn’t possible earlier. However, with the help of ESA’s Gaia mission, they could get a more accurate picture of the galaxy.
  • NASA states that some of these planets could actually be really close to each other, making them ‘interstellar neighbours’. The closest planet that seems habitable is around 20 light-years away

Are we alone? Are we habitants of an exceptional planet — the Earth? Is water on a planet’s floor the most effective aspect to assist lifestyles?
A new studies posted in The Astronomical Journal can offer solutions to those questions. According to a brand new discovery, over 1/2 of of all Sun-like stars in our Milky Way can also additionally have a liveable planet orbiting it.

There could be nearly 300 million potentially habitable worlds within our galaxy milky way, suggests a new study. (Photo for representation: NASA)

Amid the invention of water at the Moon and components of Mars, a brand new commentary that grabbed quite a few interest withinside the widening area race indicates that there will be almost three hundred million probably liveable worlds inside our galaxy.

There is water Everywhere
The new studies observes that “1/2 of the celebrities comparable in temperature to our Sun may want to have a rocky planet able to assisting liquid water on its floor”.

According to Nasa’s Exoplanet Exploration, the locating is a giant leap forward in Kepler’s unique challenge to recognize what number of probably liveable planets exist withinside the galaxy. But, in keeping with researchers, this locating is a long way from a very last cost and water on a planet’s floor is most effective “one of the many elements to assist lifestyles”.Even though extra than 4,000 exoplanets had been showed withinside the Milky Way, approximately a 5th of them withinside the Earth’s length range, the studies remains in its nascent degree to locate proof of lifestyles on those surfaces.