Gloris of Kashi,Kashi Vishwanath Temple,Varanasi


The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.
Situated on the banks of the Ganges, this temple is trained not only in India but also in the whole world, people come here from abroad and see Baba Vishwanath. Here Baba Vishwanath, installed in the left form, sits with Mother Bhagwati. Here Baba Vishwanath installed in the left form sits with Bhagwati, the mother goddess of strength. Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga is divided into two parts, on one side, Mother Bhagwati is seated. And on the other hand Lord Shiva is seated on the left form of Shiva.

According to Hindu religion, by visiting the Baba Vishwanath temple situated on the banks of Maa Ganga and taking a bath in the Ganges, sins of many births of man are cut off. And if a person comes to the end of his life and makes his living here, Then after death he gets heaven that increase the gloris of kashi.

In the midnight of Maha Shivaratri, a grand procession with drum drums is taken from all the temples located here and it is taken to the temple of Baba Vishwanath. View is worth seeing.

It is believed that the call did not happen during the Holocaust period, at that time Lord Shiva held it on his trident. And when the creation call came, we put it on the earth.

Kashi that on this holy land, Lord Vishnu pleased Ashutosh by doing penance to create the universe, and then on his sleeping Brahma originated from his navel who created the whole world. So all these things increase the gloris of kashi.

“jo maza banaaras mein, na peris na faaras mein.
guru yahaan kee naagarikata ka saranem hai. na sinh, na paande, na jaado, na raam! sab guru ! jo paida bhaya,
vah bhee guru, jo mara, vo bhee guru!”

“जो मज़ा बनारस में, न पेरिस न फ़ारस में।
‘गुरु’ यहाँ की नागरिकता का सरनेम है। न सिंह, न पांडे, न जादो, न राम! सब गुरु ! जो पैदा भया, वह भी गुरु, जो मरा, वो भी गुरु!”